WordPress: How To Create A Simple Blog Post

How to create a blog post
Learn how to engage your users by creating content-rich blog posts using your Baby Blue Digital platform and the WordPress block editor.

Learn more about creating content-rich posts inside Baby Blue Digital.

Today we will look at how to create new posts inside your Baby Blue Digital website using the WordPress block editor. Any logged-in user can do this with the role of “Editor” or higher.

A Step-by-Step Checklist
  1. Log into your Baby Blue Digital website
  2. Select “Post”
  3. Select “Add New”
  4. Give your new post a “Title”
  5. Add your metadata – “Featured Image” + “Categories” + “Tags” + “Post Excerpt”
  6. Add your post content – “Text” + “Images” + “Buttons” + “Videos” + “Lists”
  7. Select “Preview” to review your post
  8. Click “Publish” when you are ready to publish your post