Project Scope: Coaching & Commerce Package

Project Scope_ Coaching & Commerce Website
The following page outlines the project scope for a new Baby Blue Digital product aimed at Individual Coaches & Small Coaching Businesses. The main goals are to help these owners better engage their users and deliver their content.

Baby Blue Digital has the scope to develop a new digital product aimed at Individual Coaches & Small Coaching Businesses, to be packaged and sold on the Baby Blue Digital platform.

The aim of this scoping brief is to provide an outline of the development of a Single Page Website package with Commerce, Membership and Blog Functionality. This will initially be developed and tested with internal partners with training and site management included. Further scope exists for retainer support, email account sales and domain sales & management. The end goal of this project will be to have developed a complete package to be launched on the extended Baby Blue Digital platform.

1. What are the project objectives?

The project objectives for the Coaching & Commerce Package:

  1. Create a reusable Coaching & Commerce Package for resale to multiple users.
  2. Provide training and resources to enable clients to best manage their own system with minimal Baby Blue Digital support.
  3. Create partner sales channels to help distribute to a wider market audience.
2. What resources will this project require?

The project will require the following resources:

  1. A WordPress installation.
  2. An Elementor Pro License.
  3. A SureCart Payment Integration.
  4. A SureCart Membership Integration.
  5. A Custom Theme Build.
  6. Baby Blue Digital Maintenance
3. What are the project requirements?

The project will have the following requirements:

  1. Install WordPress instance on Temporary domain (to be used as product example and dev site).
  2. Link Elementor Pro.
  3. Install SureCart & SureCart Members.
  4. Develop Header & Footer.
  5. Establish site general pages.
  6. Build site general pages.
  7. Build Privacy Policy Page.
  8. Build a Single Post Page Template.
  9. Build Archive Page Template.
  10. Build Baby Blue Digital Product Page – Coaching & Commerce Package
  11. Add LinkedIn Product.
  12. Add UpWork Product.
  13. Add Elementor Partner Product.
  14. Launch Package.
4. Understanding Features, Structures and Design. (*Proposed) (*Click image to view)
5. Project scope statement.

The project will aim to answer the below statements:

  • Why are we working on this project? What are our ultimate goals and deliverables?
  • When are our deliverables due? What is our project roadmap and timeline?
  • What is considered out of scope?


  • Extensive Coaching & Commerce Package.
  • Extended Trial Product Distribution Network.

Project roadmap and timeline:

  • Phase 1: Set Up the Staging Environment.
  • Phase 2: Install Software and Integrations.
  • Phase 3: Theme Assets and Sections
  • Phase 4: Page Creation
  • Phase 5: Dynamic Page Creation
  • Phase 6: Site Linking and Review
  • Phase 7: Go-Live

Out of scope:

  • Page Builds Outside of Initial Package.
  • Dev requests outside of Critical Support.
  • Content Creation.
  • User Management.
  • Custom Development Requests.
6. Who are the project’s Key Stakeholders?

Who are the project stakeholders for the development of this package?

  1. Luke McFarland
  2. Baby Blue Digital
  3. Baby Blue Group
  4. Tom Dwyer
  5. Julian Tomlinson
7. What is the change control process?

The package will be limited to a set of pages and features that will be restricted to each product purchase.

If users wish to make changes to the package after the initial delivery, they will be able to request extra features and development and this will be quoted by Baby Blue Digital based on the scale of the requirements.

Users will also be able to purchase existing Baby Blue Digital products which can be integrated into the Coaching & Commerce Package.

8. Distribution channels.

The project will make use of the following distribution channels:

  1. Baby Blue Digital Website.
  2. LinkedIn Products.
  3. Upwork.
  4. Elementor Pro Partners.
  5. Referral Program.
9. Suggested Pricing.

The project will have the following suggested pricing:

  • Trial User Cost: £100.00 per annum (Subscription Basis) (Current Pricing).
  • Baby Blue Digital: £200.00 per sale.
  • Partner Fee: £50.00 per referral.

Baby Blue Digital will need to retain at least £100.00 to ensure payment and management of the required servers.

The total package cost should be a combination of affordably for Users and incentives for both Baby Blue Digital and referral partners.

10. In Conclusion.

The following project scope has been written by Luke McFarland for development at Baby Blue Digital.

Should development take place, an initial goal of 5 trial package sales will be set.

As a secondary benefit of this development, Baby Blue Digital will be able to offer a new package directly at

11. Project Time Line

The following project scope has been written by Luke McFarland for development at Baby Blue Digital.

  1. Confirm Design
  2. Install Plugins/Theme Elements
  3. Build Header
  4. Build Footer
  5. Build Single Post
  6. Build Archive Page
  7. Build Cart Page
  8. Build Checkout Page
  9. Build Account Page
  10. Build Landing/Home Page
  11. Create User Guides

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